Beyond Polemics: Revisiting the Textual and Archaelogical Evidence for Judaeo-Christianity in the Holy Land (1st-5th centuries AD)

Prof. Claudine Dauphin

II semestre

Requirements. Knowledge required to students for a profitable attendance of the Seminar: Basic knowledge of Latin and Ancient Greek. Fluent reading of English and some French.

Purpose of the course. Presentation of the controversy over the existence of the Church of the Circumcision: the continuity of the veneration of the Holy Places from Jesus to Constantine through Judaeo-Christianity (Church of the Circumcision) put forward by B. Bagatti and E. Testa was violently denied by J. Taylor, leading to polemics and a dead-end. C. Dauphin’s discovery of significant material evidence as late as the 5th century AD for the Judaeo-Christians in the Golan opened the way for a re-assessment of the Judaeo-Christian presence in the Holy Land and a way out of the deadlock by a new approach to Judaeo-Christianity as an essential link between Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Teaching Methodology and Teaching Aids. After an initial two or three sessions during which the students will be introduced to the subject and the framework built within which they will work together with the Professor, the printed plan of the entire course having been distributed at the first session, the students will be invited to choose themes of interest from a pre-planned list, for short presentations, so that henceforth the 2-hour seminar would be divided into the Professor lecturing for 45 mins, 1 or 2 presentations (15mins each) and 30 mins discussion, problems, and more detailed explanations on points not well understood. Teaching aids: powerpoint presentations (or slide projections) for a strong visual dimension illustrating landscapes, sites and objects.

Teaching support. A specific morning or an afternoon each week will be chosen at the beginning of the seminar series for students to meet with the Professor with queries, requests for further explanations, additional bibliography, and so on. Half-way through the seminar series, a trip to Galilee and Golan is planned specifically to study the recorded traces of Judaeo-Christianity.

Small dissertation on a theme chosen by the student in agreement with the professor.

Details of the Seminar per session and an extensive bibliography will be provided in September 2019. Furthermore, a typed sheet indicating the subjects and bibliography of the next two lessons will be distributed at the end of each lesson.